Engineering Our Universe

"Dr. Bob is an internationally known Futurist and Public Speaker on Technology. His entertaining and enlightening presentations of the future are in great demand. Bob has given conference keynotes about the impact of technology on our lives and your company's business

Contact us for information on how we can help your company and products to be simple and elegant is a product improvement service that helps "Engineer Our Universe"  with simplicity and elegance for your customers.


Our mantra in design is:  Simplicity & Elegance

We specialize in "ease of use" and "joy of use" for your software and hardware  products, and scalability & "industrial strength" issues for the corporation.

We use human - centered design principles to help improve your products and the User Experience. An additional benefit is that you receive fewer calls at your call center, because your customers are not confused.

Dr. Bob Glass

cell: 408-802-0414